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Chaotic Law's Beep Box


Hi there! You've come to Chaotic Law's Beep Box Discord server! Please read the rules and join when you're ready.

The rules

Rules are to be followed by all members of the chat.

tl;dr: Don't be a dick, and if a mod tells you to cut it out, you cut it out.

  • No heavy posting with emoji, caps lock, or images (warn once, 10 minute timeout)
  • No flooding the chat with messages in excess six consecutive messages in one minute—use the edit feature (10 minute timeout)
  • No backseat gaming, or spoilers, real or made up (message removed once, 10 minute timeout)
  • No weird topics—I'll warn you if it's weird (warn twice, 10 minute timeout)
  • Don't pester the mods to stop moderating (10 minute timeout, ban)
  • Being a paid subscriber does not put you above the law

Aside from these rules, keep it relaxed and cool and everyone will be good.

In joining the chat, you acknowledge you understand the rules and that we will enforce these rules.